grappe de raisins rouges, Crozes-Hermitage

In the beginning were grapes

From the native Syrah to the complementary Roussanne and Marsanne grape varieties, we take a closer look at the array of Crozes-Hermitage grapes, the balanced wines for pleasure they produce and the pairings that hit all the right notes from starter through to pudding.


paysage terroir Crozes-Hermitage

In our latitudes

Straddling the legendary forty-fifth parallel dividing the northern hemisphere into two equal parts, the Crozes-Hermitage wine region is home to myriad minute interlocking vineyard sites set between valley floors, hillsides and plateaux.


paysage terroir et vieux château Crozes-Hermitage

An appellation approaching its 100th anniversary

The Crozes-Hermitage wine region, an honorary member of the prestigious group of northern Rhone Valley growths, also ranks among France’s oldest appellations.


Fleurs de cerisiers

A wine region on a mission

The winegrowers of Crozes-Hermitage have made a pledge to reduce their environmental footprint using increasingly earth-friendly practices promoting biodiversity and natural resources.

Icone vins crozes-hermitage